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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

1. Who is EJS?
EJS is a newly created brand name for Export business in 2012. 
As a professional manufacturer of screws & barrels since 1992, we have no LOGO for international markets until EJS was born, which is our mission to make customers importing work Easy, Joy with a bigger Success.

2. How can we find EJS?
You can easily find us by:
WhatsApp: 0086-137-3615-8017
Skype: ejsscrew
Export Office Line: 0086-574-8306-5911
Mobile: 0086-137-3615-8017

You’re very welcome to visit us at:
Export Office: Hualian Building, 55 Dongdu Road, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Factory address: Xihou Industry Zone, Jintang Town, Zhoushan, China

Also you can meet us face to face at our exhibition booth worldwide.

3. What make EJS outstanding from others?
EJS is made up of a team of staff who is passionate, serious and caring. From the staff recruitment, we select the people very strictly, because we believe the real difference between one company and the others is PEOPLE.

4. What materials and surface treatments are available at EJS?
Our common materials include 42CrMo(4140Steel), 38CrMoAlA(1.8509), 31CrMoV9(1.8519), 34CrAlNi7(1.8550), 40Cr, 45Steel, SS304, SS416, SKD11, SKD61,. Other materials are possible, please contact us for further details.
Surface treatment include: quenching & tempering, nitriding, chrome-plating, bimetallic alloy coating, polishing.

5. How soon can I expect a price quote from EJS?
Usually we’re able to make an offer within 1 working day if everything is clear.

Because screw barrels are almost 100% customized, drawings are very necessary. Besides this, materials and surface treatment information is also important.

When the drawings are not possible, product photos and major dimensions(diameter, length, flange information etc.) are a MUST for budge pricing.

6.How can I pay EJS when an order is issued?
Currently T/T is mostly used for payments. For new customers, we offer 50% at order confirmation + 50% before shipment. For regular customers, a more flexible payment term is to be discussed.
For smaller amounts, PayPal, West Union, Money Gram are acceptable to save bank costs.

7. What’s difference between EJS screw barrels and Xaloy/Bernex products?
EJS stands for top quality and service from China, while Xaloy/Bernex is on an even higher level.
Our price is a lot cheaper while the quality is getting better and better because of good leaders and great teachers of Xaloy/Bernex.

8. When can I expect my goods after ordering?
The lead-time includes Production Time plus Transportation Time from China to your company.

Production will be started after the drawing is confirmed by our customers.
Production time: this depends on the products, production schedule, quantity---and the time needed will ALWAYS be indicated in our OFFER and our Proforma Invoice, ranging from 20 days to 70 days.
Transportation time: this can be very different when you use different methods of transportation, we can handle sea freight to Seaport service, air freight to Airport Service, courier freight to DOOR service. We’re very willing to check out the pre-paid costs and the needed time for your evaluation.

9. What’s the warranty if I order from EJS?
We have one-year warranty for all screw barrels when they work with pure plastics. And we’ll try to help as much as possible even if the warranty is out. 

10. What will EJS do if a product breaks down within the warranty?
We’d provide a free replacement when the customer takes care of the transportation cost, as long as a formal non-conforming report was received.

11. Where are EJS screw barrels sold to?
Since 1992, our screw barrels have been widely sold nationally and internationally, for example Italy, Spain, Germany, UK, USA, Chile, Japan, India and a lot of other countries.

12.How can EJS help me when I need to order other goods instead of screw barrels?
We’re very willing to help customers outsourcing other goods for our customers, from factories selection, price checking, lead-time controlling, quality inspection, till shipment arrangement, to make their work Easy, Joy with a big Success.
If these don’t help you enough, please contact us.
If anything is different than what you’re doing now, please feel free to contact us, we’re open for discussion.
Thank you.

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