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We design, produce and repair feed screws for extrusion process and injection process. Our technical department provides also in site measurement service. If you want to replace your existing screw or improve its performance, we will send engineers to your factory to check and do the measurement and provide troubleshooting.


Based on the processed material and products, we provide different types of screws to ensure the melting quality and its service time   

  Metering screws
 Barrier screw
 Mixing screw
  Vented screws


Besides the design, the steel and surface treatment is another factor to get a quality screw. The base steel for our screws is normally 38CrMoAla (DIN 1.8550) 42CrMo (ANSI 4140), SKD60 etc.
Nitrided screws are widely requested for general purpose. After Nitriding treatment, the screws reach a hardness of >= 900HV. For getting a screw which is more wear resistance, especially for processing material with added filler Caco3, glass fiber, Mg(OH)2 or wooden powder, bimetallic screws (hardfaced screws) are a better option.


Several types of alloy are available for bimetallic screws to meet customers’ different needs. The most common types are as following
  Colmonoy 56


When making bimetallic screws, in addition to the Nitrided treatment, we do hard facing on screw flights through plasma transferred arc (PTA). We started to produce bimetallic screws decades ago. The way for producing bimetallic screws changes from by manual to by PTA machine. With years of improving and developing, we have our own way to control the temperature and let the bimetallic screw cooling down slowly. Thus, we avoid the small cracks which other Chinese suppliers could not do.

Plasma transferred arc (PTA) 


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