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How is your Dynisco window installation going?

Hardy, USD935 is the best price we can offer. You know every Dynisco product is originally manufactured in the USA with high quality and supreme accuracy. Were sorry that we are not able to offer you anything better than this.

We need a Dynisco transducer working as a gauge to inspect our barrel holes, which could guarantee 100% accuracy. However USD935 is simply too much, this is more than what we make from the order.


Here comes the story:

During last shipment, 9 barrels were shipped to the customer, however when the the goods were unpacked, the transducer was installed, a problem occurred---The stem stuck out!

If you read the instructions carefully from Dynisco, it would tell you that the assembly was NOT correct.

Its supposed to be like this:

When nobody would question the quality of Dynisco, people would naturally doubt the barrels maker. How could they make such holes wrong?


As a screw barrel manufacturer, EJS has been producing barrels for dozens of years.

When export started, such holes have been requested by many different customers, they have different names, rupture disk hole, pressure transducer hole, melt pressure transmitter hole, pressure gauge hole, which means different sizes.


While we always know these holes are very important for assembly, we take care of each hole very carefully from the very beginning.

When the customer is not able to provide us the sample for counter-checking, we tried to purchase one locally. However it turned out the price is extremely expensive. Then we started to understand why most customers dont lend us samples at all.

However we still have to figure out a way to solve this problem, as there may be some unpleasant tolerances between theory and reality.


After a big discussion, we thought the best thing to do was to make a counter sample ourselves at our own workshop.

From experience and endless practise, we found that no. 1 key dimension is the end of the stem, which is requested to sit in the barrel wall closely and neatly.

There are many different sizes, including 5.44, 5.72, 5.89, 6.35, 9.53, 10.03 and many more.

 NOW we have an easy way out:


{} When the barrel drawing are prepared for production, its quite essential to make sure that the correct numbers are indicated, because EJS production will be strictly following the drawings.


{}  If Dynisco standard is available at hand, do measure the stem please, to assure its the same as shown in the drawing. ( We once received a sample from the customer, while the sample dimension does not match the drawing specification.)

{}  When you receive the barrels, do make sure youre using the correct Dynisco for installation. A small mistake will make a huge difference leading to poor satisfaction.


Fortunately if you import barrels from EJS, you dont have to worry about this issue at all---We are taking care of this for you from the first minute.




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