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How will you finish your 2021?

September already started! Are you ready for that? How will you finish your 2021?

If you order screw barrel in September, the production can be completed in October/ November, the goods can be at your plant in December, everything can be done in 2021.


There are some significant holidays in the coming months of this year:


Sep.19 ~ Sep. 21: Chinese Mooncake Festival

Oct. 01~ Oct. 07:   Chinese National Holiday


These are important holidays in China. 

Following will be big holiday season for Europeans and Americans, Thanksgiving and Christams!



Therefore we strongly recommend you to get everything lined up as early as possible, to avoid the peak season of production, to avoid the peak season of transportation, otherwise this will cost you either more time or extra money.


EJS hope to increase your margin as much as possible.Let's do this job together, for our better future!

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